Connected Parenting RolePlaying Playground


 Have you ever wondered if you are Mirroring authentically?
Have you ever been stuck, unsure of what to say to your child, to fully connect with them?


Introducing Connected Parenting’s newest way to master the CALM technique!!

The RolePlaying Playground is a unique experience, facilitated by the Connected Parenting Team, which is designed for you to build the neuropathways to authentically Mirror and fully connect with your loved ones.


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$49.99/ Monthly


  • 1 hour Sessions
  • 4 Weekly Meetings
  • Live on Zoom!
  • Friday's 1:00pm (EST)
  • Customized RolePlaying practice with other parents
  • Work through challenges most important to you and your family
  • RolePlaying sessions with coaching from a Connected Parenting Team Member

What is the Main Question Parents Ask?

Am I doing this right?


This is your chance to practice, and master the CALM technique and Mirroring!

In these weekly sessions, you will challenge yourself by participating in active role-playing with other Connected Parents.

Hosted over zoom, this is an exclusive chance to practice the Connected Parenting CALM technique with the support of a Connected Parenting team member.

It’s easy to listen and read about all the ways the CALM technique will help build a strong connection with your child, but it can be more challenging than you think.

These sessions are designed to help you build neuropathways to ensure you can use the CALM Technique with ease.