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Are you  at the “End of your Rope” when it comes to your child’s behavior? Do you feel  you have tried everything but nothing seems to work?

Are you tired of “Spiraling  out of Control” with feelings of guilt, anger, frustration and fear? Are you worried about your child's ability to cope in the future? Are you worried about the impact this may be having on your other children?

Are your child’s meltdowns, power-struggles and avoidance causing you to feel hopeless as a parent and worried that you and your child may be stuck in this exhausting and combative cycle forever?

 Join the Connected Parenting Seminar where Jennifer will share the 5-Shifts you must know to end this painful cycle and bring peace, enjoyment and fun into your home.

(And note that missing just ONE of these can have a huge impact on your child's social and mental health)

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Learn To

use language as powerful medicine that will bring real and lasting positive change to you and everyone in your family. 

Learn To

stay levelheaded and calm and work as a team with those who share in raising your gladiator child.

Learn To

use effective limit setting to soothe your child from the inside out, drastically reducing meltdowns and tantrums while strengthening your child’s loving connection to you. 

Author, Speaker, Parent Expert

Child and Family Therapist, Jennifer Kolari, is one of the nation's leading Parenting Experts and Founder of Connected Parenting. She is the celebrated author of Connected Parenting - How To Raise a Great Kid and You're Ruining My Life, (But Not Really)

All children and teens can be challenging at times, but some are different. They don't seem to respond as well to the sensible consequences and strategies that work with other kids. At Connected Parenting, you'll learn to use the tools that therapists use to help your child develop the emotional and neurological hardware they need to deal with whatever life throws at them.

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"Jennifer Kolari provides us with a clear-minded view of how to create and continue an open, attuned relationship with our children while they move through important and at times tumultuous transition from childhood to adulthood called adolescence. Connected Parenting is an accessible and often entertaining guide to understanding the importance of communication in the parent-child relationship and how changes in the teen’s brain can make loving, supportive connection difficult to maintain. Filled with practical steps and memorable stories, the insights of Kolari’s important strategies will help the busy parent both survive and thrive through these crucial and challenging times."

Daniel J. Siegel, M.D
Co-Author, The Whole-Brain Child and Parenting from the Inside Out; Author, Mindsight and The Developing Mind , Executive Director, Mindsight Institute Clinical Professor, UCLA School of Medicine

"Who to be as Parents... “Connected Parenting” advises us not just how to parent, but far more important – who to be as parents. The therapeutic methods suggested by Jennifer Kolari are based not on simple-minded behavioral solutions, but on building warm, nurturing relationship with our children, with insight and compassion not only for their little flaws, but also for our own larger ones."

Gabor Maté MD
A renowned speaker, and bestselling author, Dr. Gabor Maté is highly sought after for his expertise on a range of topics including addiction, stress and childhood development.

"Hi Jennifer. Just found your podcast and listened to it ALL within 24 hours. I just wanted to thank you for doing this! When I found your podcast, it was a total Breath of fresh air. Thank you for not making me feel crazy. For making me feel like I’m an ok mother! Thank you for empathizing with us parents on this hard road. My kids come from trauma so there’s that whole other layer. Anyhow, I just had to send a note to let you know that I’m so thankful for your support. I am going to listen to it probably 20 times. I need the CALM technique. Thanks again! ♥️"


"“We felt we had tried every parenting technique in the world and nothing seemed to make a difference in helping us and our son cope with the difficult behaviors he has because of ADHD. It felt like there was no light at the end of the tunnel. Then we found Connected Parenting. These strategies were crucial to rebuilding the bonds of trust and respect that the challenging behaviors had eroded.”"

Connected Parenting client

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